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Remember to vote every 12 hours to help the server population grow, and in return earn points to spend in the Item Store! Want to earn rewards faster? If so, Donate today, and receive Credit points to spend in the item store on awesome stuff!

2014-07-09 21:41:07

Share and Win on Facebook!

We will pick out 3 winners from our players who shared the below image on facebook.

They will receive one piece from the item.

Lottery will be on 07.13

2014-06-26 20:52:31

Our new webpage is finished!

As you see, the whole page got redesigned.

A new bugtracker was added, this will be needed for the upcoming developments.

Bugreports are now easier to manage..

The voting system changed too.

Now you get your vote points if you come back to our site thru our banner on the topsites.

The vote and credit shops get renewed too.

You can expect new items and lowered prices.

The donation system has changed too.

The bank transfer option is not available further more.

We prefer payment over Paypal, with creditcards. the 10% bonus is still valid for creditcard payment.

Credit transfer is instant.

Paying in SMS now gives equal amount of credits based on the sms value, instead of the old 50% payoff.

Chat functions got removed from the main web page, please use the forums.

2014-06-22 14:38:38

Our new webpage is almost done!

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