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2014-08-31 15:58:27

Fellow Users!

We need some players who can help us test some boss scripts. If you want to participate, please write a comment in the topics below:

2014-08-21 14:50:34

Fellow Players!

Traslation is in progress! Please wait patiently. Thank you.

2014-08-21 13:37:32

Fellow Users!

We have removed the TopWoW.hu voting link due to remote website problems. In order to gain the same amount of vote points the XtremeTop100 voting link will now give 4 vote points, instead of 2.

Thank you for your understanding!

2014-08-14 15:44:44

Dear Players!

From tomorrow (2014.08.15) Molten Front will be available to you!
The zone is still under construction, so if you find any bugs feel free to report them on the forum.
The quests of the 'The Druids of the Talon' and the 'Shadow Wardens' are not avaliable to you yet, but
even without them you are still able to collect many Marks every day.
A 'Druids of the Talon' és a 'Shadow Wardens' questek még nem elérhetőek, de nélkülük is gyűjtögethető
a sok-sok Token nap mint nap.
Let's do the dailies!

2014-08-05 16:39:58

Our new 5.4.8 Mists of Pandaria realm is new up and running, named Spirit.
With instant 90 and basic starting gear for all.

The realm is under heavy development.
Fixes are fully pvp orientated, don't expect new pve content too soon.
Characters created here won't be deleted.
The Spirit realm will remain instant-pvp until players are interested.
You are free to report any bugs to our bug tracker's Pandaria section, there are probably lots of them.

Note that the whole content is still cataclysm, we are updating pvp related stuff continuously.

The cataclysm realm's development will not stop.
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